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Help! There are Gremlins in the database


During our visit to one of the GE Orchestrate conferences, we had a talk with a customer about Gremlins in their database. Immediately picturing the relentless destruction by the creatures from the atypical 80's Christmas movie, we knew that this customer was in a tough spot. After asking the more technical questions, we learned that [...]

Help! There are Gremlins in the database2023-11-16T12:32:13+00:00

Diagnostics enhances Smallworld GIS visibility with Splunk


In the dynamic landscape of digital innovation, organizations are in constant pursuit of solutions that seamlessly integrate with their existing frameworks, providing unparalleled capabilities. Enter Diagnostics 2.6, a robust and flexible observability solution designed to effortlessly align with any Smallworld GIS system, application, or deployment. This transformative upgrade not only guarantees seamless compatibility but also [...]

Diagnostics enhances Smallworld GIS visibility with Splunk2023-12-05T14:31:16+00:00

Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit for Diagnostics


  1.    Introduction Machine Learning (ML) methods have proven worthy of complementing human analysis. Splunk has an inbuilt ML toolkit that has gained a lot of attraction over the years. This also gave us the idea to test it for Diagnostics. But first, we must ask the question as to why ML methods are necessary. [...]

Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit for Diagnostics2023-11-16T12:33:29+00:00

Mobile Notification Tools and Diagnostics


  There are three levels of action in any IT system. For proactive maintenance you need to have alerts where certain thresholds are approached. The user needs to be alerted in advance of any situation where they may lose their work. For example, in Diagnostics there is a datastore growth monitor, which will allow you [...]

Mobile Notification Tools and Diagnostics2023-11-16T12:33:50+00:00

Leverage MS Power BI Insights from GE Smallworld


Does your company use MS Power BI to gain insights in business processes? Diagnostics can now help you leverage data from GE Smallworld. You can grasp the data from Diagnostics and make your KPIs for projects visible. Are your Quality requirements meeting the objectives? Are you improving your business? Diagnostics leverages the underlying technical solutions [...]

Leverage MS Power BI Insights from GE Smallworld2023-11-16T12:34:25+00:00