Master Diagnostics and get your certification in five weeks

You have been using Diagnostics for a while or will start using it soon. We now give you the opportunity to fully use the huge potential this package gives you: Diagnostics Certification. This October, follow eight one-hour classes on demand, then ask all questions to one of Diagnostics’ creators. At the end, after passing the exam, you will be officially certified for Diagnostics.

Become certified

What the certification has to offer

As said, each class will take you an hour. Subjects are:

Installation (1 hour, on demand)
How to install Diagnostics, which hardware do you need.
Basics (3 hours, on demand)
Learn to know the dashboards: what do they mean, what can you do with it.
Advanced (3 hours, on demand)
Make your own dashboards and charts, what else can you analyze.
Custom (1 hour, on demand)
Write your own modules, change the configuration to measure more and other dimensions.
Convince (1 hour, on demand)
A specific class on convincing your colleagues to use Diagnostics
Exam training (1 hour, live)
Your chance to ask everything you would like to know. Our experts are available for you.
Exam (1 hour, live)
To receive your official Diagnostics Certification, you will have to pass this exam
Each class is given in English, by one or our colleagues. Over the course of four weeks, you will need to follow nine class hours. Expect for each hour of class, one hour of practicing on your own Training Server (in the cloud). The classes are on demand, meaning you decide when you have the time to dive into Diagnostics. In the fifth week, exam training and the actual exam will take place.
The course includes:
  • Eight hour-long classes on mastering Diagnostics
  • Unlimited access to a Diagnostics Training Server (in the cloud) during the course, meaning you can practice whenever you want
  • Unlimited e-mail contact with one of our trainers, live contact during the Exam Training
  • The possibility to certify yourself as Diagnostics Master
  • It will take place in October 2016
Become certified

The price is only €4500. To subscribe, please fill in the form and reserve your seat now!

(a minimum of 10 students is required for this certification to take place)

Our projects and results

We developed Diagnostics to help you create the perfect Smallworld™ work environment. But we also wanted it to be accessible for every company that uses the system. That means we had to make the business case work for smaller organizations as well – and we succeeded.

Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. We’re more than happy to show you the results. If you want a clear picture of the benefits our software has to offer, please take a look at our projects. Diagnostics will help you save time, cut costs and increase user satisfaction. We guarantee it.

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