The world’s best Smallworld™ optimization tool

It’s true: Diagnostics is the best. A bold statement, to be sure. But we can back it up. Diagnostics is the only tool that uses real data from real users. No simulations, no speculation – just facts. You’ll save both money and time, and you’ll make your people happier. Want to know more? Download our whitepaper and discover what Diagnostics has to offer.

The advantages of GIS optimization

Optimizing your Smallworld™ GIS has many interesting benefits. Want to know exactly how much your company stands to gain?


Do you know how many hours you’re losing through system bottlenecks and inefficiently configured user functions? With Diagnostics, you will. And you’ll be able to eliminate these issues quickly and effectively, too.


Are your users happy with your Smallworld™ system? At its core, GIS optimization is about people. Diagnostics helps you eliminate potential sources of frustration as well as identify training needs in your user base.


Losing a few seconds here and there may seem inconsequential, but over time, those seconds add up to weeks of lost productivity. Diagnostics helps remove the inefficiencies in your system and reduce your TCO.

In Control

Diagnostics gives you full control over the optimization of your Smallworld™ GIS. It lets you monitor real-world user data, analyze performance, pinpoint issues and implement solutions to improve your efficiency.