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Back in 1994, when we began working with the Smallworld™ environment, the system was still in its infancy – but its potential was easy to recognize. Now, more than twenty years later, Smallworld™ is used by a wide range of organizations across the world, from multinationals to local governments and everything in between.

Over the years, we focused our efforts on the ‘fixed core’ of the Smallworld™ GIS, providing tailor-made development services to our clients. This left us with a wealth of expertise and a thorough understanding of the system – but over the years, we also began to recognize that something important was missing from the marketplace.

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What Diagnostics has to offer

By providing in-depth analysis of your Smallworld™ GIS, Diagnostics reveals clear opportunities to improve your system.

Developing Diagnostics

Smallworld™ is a complex system and, as with any complex system, optimizing it to suit your needs is a challenging task. The sheer number of applications Smallworld™ can support complicates matters further. Every installation is unique and raises its own specific questions. What works in one situation won’t necessarily work in the other.

We wanted to solve this problem by giving Smallworld™ users the means to optimize their systems based on the way they use them. This ultimately led to the creation of Diagnostics, a unique tool that analyzes real-world data regarding user interactions and system performance to suggest optimization strategies that are tailored specifically to the system it monitors.

The future of optimization

Diagnostics puts the tools that are required to optimize the Smallworld™ GIS directly into the hands of the organizations that depend on it. It saves time and money, enhances user satisfaction and puts businesses in complete control of their Smallworld™ work environment.

As Smallworld™ continues to evolve, Diagnostics will evolve with it. We are constantly hunting for new ways to help you improve system performance and looking forward to sharing them.

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