When properly configured, Smallworld™ can provide an immensely powerful work environment. Do you want to make sure your organization can utilize its full potential? Diagnostics has everything you need to make your system run smoothly.

With its ability to perform real-time monitoring and predictive analysis, Diagnostics is the ideal tool for GIS optimization. It will help you improve performance, minimize downtime and server load, enhance your user experience and greatly increase your productivity.

As a powerful GIS analysis tool, our software distills your data into clear insights and graphs, making it easier to understand what is going on in your system. It also provides recommendations based on these analyses to help you solve important issues quickly and effectively.

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What Diagnostics has to offer

Built specifically to help you deal with the challenges of the Smallworld™ environment, Diagnostics offers everything you need for GIS optimization.

Enhanced system performance

Diagnostics was designed to work with Smallworld™. Every feature is geared towards the complete optimization of your GIS, from its customizable dashboards and visualizations to the functions that let you delve deep into your performance bottlenecks.

Every aspect of your system is monitored, from memory use to server capacity, allowing your team to identify the causes for crashes, slowdowns and other issues and remedy them. Your performance will increase dramatically and you’ll never miss an opportunity for improvement again.

Increased user satisfaction

Keeping users happy is a vital aspect of GIS optimization. When users aren’t satisfied, productivity decreases and support erodes. When your company depends on Smallworld™, the consequences can be catastrophic. Fortunately, Diagnostics can help.

By providing insight into the number of sessions, their frequency and their sequence, it reveals exactly how the system is used. The underlying causes of poor user experiences can then be eliminated with pinpoint precision, creating the optimal configuration for your user base.

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Unlocking the true potential of Smallworld™

Diagnostics gives you total control over every aspect of your Smallworld™ environment. Whether you want to improve the way it uses hardware and resources or make it easier for users to interact with the GIS, every possible optimization is at your discretion. With one versatile tool, you’ll be able to increase your performance to unprecedented levels.

Would you like to know more about Diagnostics, or see it in action? Get in touch with our team today! We’d be more than happy to arrange a demonstration.

Our projects and results

We developed Diagnostics to help you create the perfect Smallworld™ work environment. But we also wanted it to be accessible for every company that uses the system. That means we had to make the business case work for smaller organizations as well – and we succeeded.

Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. We’re more than happy to show you the results. If you want a clear picture of the benefits our software has to offer, please take a look at our projects. Diagnostics will help you save time, cut costs and increase user satisfaction. We guarantee it.

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