To improve your Smallworld™ system, measuring performance isn’t enough. You’ll need to make sense of the data you collect in order to translate your monitoring efforts into real-world benefits. Diagnostics will help you do that.

As a powerful GIS analysis tool, our software distills your data into clear insights and graphs, making it easier to understand what is going on in your system. It also provides recommendations based on these analyses to help you solve important issues quickly and effectively.

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What Diagnostics has to offer

By providing in-depth analysis of your Smallworld™ GIS, Diagnostics reveals clear opportunities to improve your system.

Identify bottlenecks and risks

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. When your organization depends on Smallworld™, it’s important to find these weak points in your system and stop them from interfering with your daily business and activities.

Through thorough analysis of your GIS, Diagnostics can pinpoint bottlenecks of any nature, whether it’s an inefficiently configured function or a limitation of the hardware you’re using. Armed with this knowledge, you can take steps to eliminate these risks.

Receive intelligent recommendations

We’ve worked with Smallworld™ for many years, and all our experience with the system has been funneled into Diagnostics. That means it’s not just an effective tool for GIS analysis – it’s an intelligent one, as well.

Instead of simply collecting and analyzing data, Diagnostics will also make recommendations based on its analyses. This means you’ll never miss important details or opportunities for improvement – our tool will help keep you on point.

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Improving your user base

Optimizing your Smallworld™ system is important, but it’s equally important to pay attention to your users. After all, even the best system won’t perform well if its users don’t know how to unlock its full potential. Because Diagnostics includes real user interactions in its analysis of your GIS, it can identify training opportunities for specific users to help improve performance.

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Our projects and results

We developed Diagnostics to help you create the perfect Smallworld™ work environment. But we also wanted it to be accessible for every company that uses the system. That means we had to make the business case work for smaller organizations as well – and we succeeded.

Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. We’re more than happy to show you the results. If you want a clear picture of the benefits our software has to offer, please take a look at our projects. Diagnostics will help you save time, cut costs and increase user satisfaction. We guarantee it.

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