The costs of running Smallworld™ can be substantial, especially in large organizations where many users interact with the system. From the hardware it runs on to the time it takes your employees to complete their tasks, everything adds up.

Fortunately, Diagnostics will reduce the operating cost of your Smallworld™ GIS dramatically. In addition, it will allow your users to work more efficiently and optimize your system maintenance, which will further increase your total cost savings.

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What Diagnostics has to offer

Diagnostics provides an elegant, effective way to reduce the cost of the Smallworld™ GIS for companies of almost any size.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

There are many factors that determine Total Cost of Ownership of your Smallworld™ GIS. The server capacity you need to run the system, the amount of downtime you experience and even the skill level of your users can influence your costs.

Diagnostics provides a uniquely effective framework to target all these variables and minimize their impact. By reducing bottlenecks, improving server load and identifying training opportunities, you can reduce your TCO across the board.

Excellent Return on Investment

If you are wondering whether Diagnostics is also affordable for smaller companies, the answer is an emphatic “yes”. We set out to create an optimization tool for the Smallworld™ GIS that would be cost-effective for organizations of all sizes.

As a result, Diagnostics can be implemented on almost any scale. A viable business case can be made for companies with only two Smallworld™ users, with your Return on Investment steadily increasing as the number of users grows.

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Try Diagnostics – take the trial

Would you like to get a head start at optimizing your Smallworld™ GIS? Sign up for our trial. Diagnostics consists of four main modules: the Tracker, Archiver, Analyzer and Presenter. During the trial phase, you can install the Tracker and Archiver to get a feeling for the software. Once you are convinced, you can install the Analyser and Presenter as well.

Would you like to know how much Diagnostics can help you save? Our team will be happy to run the numbers for you. Simply contact us and let us know what we can do.

Our projects and results

We developed Diagnostics to help you create the perfect Smallworld™ work environment. But we also wanted it to be accessible for every company that uses the system. That means we had to make the business case work for smaller organizations as well – and we succeeded.

Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. We’re more than happy to show you the results. If you want a clear picture of the benefits our software has to offer, please take a look at our projects. Diagnostics will help you save time, cut costs and increase user satisfaction. We guarantee it.

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