Work @ Home

Diagnostics during the Crisis – easy to install & no license fee!

As the world struggles with the new work norm, working from home can present its challenges. Water, Gas, Electric, and Telecom companies need to facilitate its employees with work @ home environments to ensure its customers continue to receive service.

Diagnostics analysis on LaptopHowever, this can put a strain on IT infrastructure, the work environment, or even the home front. Realworld recognizes this. We would like to assist utility companies using the GE Smallworld platform by providing a specialized Diagnostics version dedicated to those people working at home. With an easy to install mechanism and specific dashboards designed for the home worker, your staff need not be frustrated – you can actually help them overcome it.

To support our society, we will provide our remote Smallworld worker support platform without charging a license fee for three months, and possibly longer if the crisis extends further.

Download the flyer here.

If your utility company wishes to take advantage of Diagnostics with no license fee, please contact us at and we will make sure to support your staff!

We conducted a webinar on the subject and have a recording of it online here.