Discover the latest enhancements and powerful additions to our Diagnostics suite. Whether you’re a network guru or a data aficionado, we’ve got something exciting for you:

SWMFS Latency Assessment Dashboard

Dive into the heart of performance analysis! Our new dashboard reveals the subtle dance between network latency and file system latency. Understand how your database access performs based on source and target.


  1. Login Screen App: Our new and sleek login screen app ensures a secure and user-friendly experience.
  2. Auto Restart for the Linux collectors: Linux users, rejoice! After an OS reboot, our Collector now springs back to life automatically.
  3. Datastore Growth Monitor Enhancements: We’ve fine-tuned the engine! Expect better performance and efficiency from our Datastore Growth Monitor. Plus, it now also reports on working top.
  4. Custom Dataset Restrictions: The Datastore Growth Monitor lets you tailor the set of datasets it reports on.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! For a full rundown of all the features and bug fixes, check out our release notes.

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