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Introducing Diagnostics 2.7


  Discover the latest enhancements and powerful additions to our Diagnostics suite. Whether you’re a network guru or a data aficionado, we’ve got something exciting for you: SWMFS Latency Assessment Dashboard Dive into the heart of performance analysis! Our new dashboard reveals the subtle dance between network latency and file system latency. Understand how your [...]

Introducing Diagnostics 2.72024-07-03T15:12:00+00:00

Diagnostics enhances Smallworld GIS visibility with Splunk


In the dynamic landscape of digital innovation, organizations are in constant pursuit of solutions that seamlessly integrate with their existing frameworks, providing unparalleled capabilities. Enter Diagnostics 2.6, a robust and flexible observability solution designed to effortlessly align with any Smallworld GIS system, application, or deployment. This transformative upgrade not only guarantees seamless compatibility but also [...]

Diagnostics enhances Smallworld GIS visibility with Splunk2023-12-05T14:31:16+00:00

Okta & Splunk Integration: Step by Step guide


Introduction In a digital world where security and user convenience are paramount, the concept of Single Sign-On (SSO) reigns supreme. Imagine a world where you no longer need to juggle an ever-growing list of usernames and passwords for various applications and services. Instead, with a single set of credentials, you gain access to everything you [...]

Okta & Splunk Integration: Step by Step guide2023-10-26T07:16:32+00:00

Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit for Diagnostics


  1.    Introduction Machine Learning (ML) methods have proven worthy of complementing human analysis. Splunk has an inbuilt ML toolkit that has gained a lot of attraction over the years. This also gave us the idea to test it for Diagnostics. But first, we must ask the question as to why ML methods are necessary. [...]

Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit for Diagnostics2023-11-16T12:33:29+00:00

Viewing Diagnostics data in Smallworld in real time!


  Diagnostics is a product that helps in monitoring the usage and performance of Smallworld GIS applications. I have created a plugin in Smallworld that queries Splunk from Magik using REST API to display the diagnostics data directly in Smallworld, which can be viewed in real time. Diagnostics, by virtue of being a monitoring tool [...]

Viewing Diagnostics data in Smallworld in real time!2022-12-23T09:38:04+00:00

A brave new world


  The Splunk .conf22 has been a truly inspiring convention where we made new friends and started new partnerships. But in this post I want to share my technical inspiration, and thank Justin Brown for drawing me into his presentation by naming it “React UI and Splunk: Fast, Flexible and Really, Really, Ridiculously Good Looking [...]

A brave new world2022-07-08T16:21:38+00:00

We have news!


  Staying connected is so easy nowadays that it can be a real challenge to stay focused. When you are busy investigating a user error report with Diagnostics you will now see a bell icon giving you a quick indication whether any other alerts have come in while you were analyzing. This gives you relevant [...]

We have news!2024-07-03T13:41:59+00:00

Mobile Notification Tools and Diagnostics


  There are three levels of action in any IT system. For proactive maintenance you need to have alerts where certain thresholds are approached. The user needs to be alerted in advance of any situation where they may lose their work. For example, in Diagnostics there is a datastore growth monitor, which will allow you [...]

Mobile Notification Tools and Diagnostics2023-11-16T12:33:50+00:00

New features of Diagnostics 2.4


The Diagnostics 2.4 release introduces popular exciting new features and capabilities. Please read on for more details and consult the release notes for a complete list. Correllation Achieving good performance is easy on a system when there are only few users. But how is the scalability of your Smallworld system? Can it accommodate the [...]

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Leverage MS Power BI Insights from GE Smallworld


Does your company use MS Power BI to gain insights in business processes? Diagnostics can now help you leverage data from GE Smallworld. You can grasp the data from Diagnostics and make your KPIs for projects visible. Are your Quality requirements meeting the objectives? Are you improving your business? Diagnostics leverages the underlying technical solutions [...]

Leverage MS Power BI Insights from GE Smallworld2023-11-16T12:34:25+00:00